Tue, Aug 23, 22


The story of how the shop came to be. From the story behind the name, to the realization that it was going to become reality.


THE NAME // October 4th, 2015

Instagram photo from 2015 where I joked about opening up a shop called My Sister's Closet

​This is the day the name was born

I’ve been known for spending more time in my sister Graycen’s room than my own while getting ready in the morning. She’s a shopper and always has the latest and greatest. I’m known for not spending my money and being an outfit repeater. Sunday outfits make great Monday outfits, right?

Of course when she catches me wearing her clothes…it’s not her favorite. Several years ago, out of spite of me wearing one of her outfits she said, “Why don’t you just open up a store called My Sister’s Closet and shop there.”

THE IDEA // January 2017

I took a trip to Florida.

​During my time there I bought two journals.
I spent most of my time sitting quietly by the pool reading and writing.

I was a new college grad, enjoying life after finishing college. I didn’t know exactly what it was I wanted to do next with my life, but I was feeling inspired to create something new.

While sitting by the pool writing in my new journals, I decided to write down a list of things I love. The list included things like: organizing, decorating, trying new things, thrifting, etc.

The next few months back in Michigan became very busy – getting engaged and married. My journals were put on a shelf, along with whatever idea was developing.

THE START // October 2017

Work and life were slowing down. For a few weeks I was feeling like I wanted to pick up a part time job. Something I was passionate about – either a thrift or home goods store where I could interact with customers, be on my feet, and make the store look pretty.

October 6th, I stopped in a few places to see if they would be a good fit. Nothing felt right.

On my way home it hit me. You need to create your own store.” 
I went back to those journals that hadn’t been opened in 10 months and read the first page:   ​

​It was like the scene from Tangled when Rapunzel realizes she’s the lost princess.  ​

I started thinking back to where it all began.

At 9 months old I was already jumping on a trampoline. I’ve never been one to sit still.

My whole life I’ve been the second mother to my siblings – what they like to call “bossy”. I like to refer to it as seeing needs and being good at giving out directions to get the job done.

I’ve always been fascinated with pre-loved items. What a story they have. I’ve treasure hunted my grandparents attic so many times, yet somehow I always find something new that I love.

I was determined to pay off my college debt as quickly as possible. I started a photo/video business in order to make that happen.

During the stress of college, I found a stress relief which happened to be: redecorating. I had a lot of great roommates over the years who let me do my thing. Our place would completely transform several times a semester. Specifically around midterms and finals.

And last…my weekly thrift store trips. I almost never pay full price for something. If it’s not on sale, it wasn’t meant to be. Better yet, if it wasn’t a few dollars at a thrift store it probably wasn’t meant to be!

​It became clear.

​My whole life has been shaping me for this next adventure of life which will be being a shop owner. 

-Lauren Manzer